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Intro to developing & scanning film

Guest teacher RA Friedman is back to teach us how to develop and scan film! This 3 hr class will be held in a private apartment on the UWS. We will provide you with the address once you sign up. 


Getting your film captured into a print or digital file is often seen as the obstacle that steers people away from the joys of working in analog. Luckily, there are simple, straight-forward, and safe ways to develop and make digital scans from your film images at home, with excellent results and at a fraction of the cost of professional labs.  In this class, designed around the practical rather than the technical, you’ll work with inexpensive, easy-to-obtain equipment and supplies and see step-by-step how film is developed and learn the common mistakes to avoid. You’ll see how to “read” your negatives so you can optimally adjust exposure and/or developing for best results. You’ll get to try loading a developing tank by feel and learn how you can transform a kitchen or bath into a quick, temporary film developing station so you can try developing film on your own.

In the second part of the class, you’ll use an inexpensive flatbed type film scanner and create digital files from your film negatives that can either be printed on a standard photo inkjet printer or uploaded online. You’ll be shown ways to expand the capability of an inexpensive scanner and minimize post production on your image files.  If you have previously developed black and white negatives, please bring them.

For any questions, please email RA directly at

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Guest teacher RA Friedman will be teaching this 3 hr class.

An email will be sent with detailed information about meeting point after registering. No refund will be issued if you cancel within 24 hrs of class start time.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the session.  

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