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Intro to Film Cameras

We are happy to announce guest teacher RA Friedman is back to teach us all about film cameras!

How to Use Your Film Camera:

Traditional, black and white analog photography is a great way to open up creative possibilities as well as learning skills that will give you knowledge and confidence. Capturing the world on film remains a tool of choice for many photographers, especially in the fine art realm. In this informal, hands-on, practical class you’ll learn the basics of working a 35mm or medium format (120) camera and you will be shooting film that very day! You’ll learn how to correctly load and unload and effectively hold and operate your camera. We’ll cover the basics of ISO, aperture and shutter speed using demonstrations and non-technical language; how to use a hand-held light meter and compensate for situations that may fool your camera’s built in meter as well as how to estimate exposure if you have no light measuring tools at all.  Students will need to bring a film camera that allows manual adjustments as well as a fresh roll of Kodak Tri-X film. A 35mm single lens reflex camera is recommended.  Students with equipment questions should contact RA prior to the class.

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Guest teacher RA Friedman will be teaching this 2 hr class.

An email will be sent with detailed information about meeting point after registering. No refund will be issued if you cancel within 24 hrs of class start time.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the session.  

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