Monthly Charity Donations - February's Funds will go to the Elder Abuse Institute of Maine

Every month AoIP donates 10% of our income from our website sales to a charity/fundraiser that is in immediate need, or is a choice from our AoIP community.

February's donation will go to the Elder Abuse Institute of Maine. One of our colleagues, Patricia, has proposed this for consideration.

Patricia states "Each of us deserves justice.  Regardless of age, ability, gender or race. This is what motivates us to do the work we do.  Justice for all. 

Research affirms what we know from experience; older people who are mistreated are less likely to come forward to seek help than their younger counterparts.  Consider that only one in 24 older people report abuse to authorities.  This means there is a “hidden” group of people who need assistance, but who we never see.  This means we need to work harder to make it easy for people to come forward, and to ensure they have the services they need once they do come forward. 

This is precisely the work we do here at the Elder Abuse Institute of Maine.  We raise awareness of elder abuse through outreach and training.  And we provide transitional housing and community-based support services to older victims of abuse through our Martha’s Cottage program. 

There is no charge for any of our services, including providing housing, food, clothing, cell phones and gas for our clients.  But these services and resources do cost money, and we rely on the support of generous people to help meet these needs.

Buy purchasing a class or gift certificate on our website in the month of February, you will be participating in making a difference at Elder Abuse Institute of Maine.

January's donation is going to Sanctuary For Families.

If you have a charity that's near and dear to your heart, please let me know so we can donate to it in future months.