Monthly Charity Donations - July's Funds will go to Ride4aWoman

Every month AoIP donates 10% of our income from our website sales to a charity/fundraiser that is in immediate need, or is a choice from our AoIP community.

July's donation will go to Ride4aWoman in Bwindi, Uganda. Our student, Sekita Ekrek, had proposed this for consideration.

Sekita states: 'The founder Evelyn teaches the local women skills to start their own businesses. The women are so talented and inspiring. Apparently the women do all the work in the community. The name started because the local women would walk or ride bikes to get around the mountain villages. If your bike is broken you’re screwed. She began by teaching the women how to fix their bikes so they wont be desperate when they break down. It led to teaching other useful skills like weaving and sewing. And expanded from there into microfinancing. They even built cottages for tourists to come stay on property.'

Buy purchasing a class or gift certificate on our website in the month of July, you will be participating in making a difference at Ride4aWoman.

If you have a charity that's near and dear to your heart, please let me know so we can donate to it in future months.