Monthly Charity Donations - September's Charity Will Go to Take Flyte

Every month AoIP donates 10% of our income from our website sales to a charity/fundraiser that is in immediate need, or is a choice from our AoIP community.

September's donation will go to Take Flyte. Take Flyte makes travel accessible to all youth. Today’s education system provides very little in the way of global education, and many struggling schools and teachers have little or no opportunity to offer their students access to resources that provide them with the life changing impacts of travel. FLYTE was created to change that.

By purchasing a class or gift certificate on our website in the month of September, you will be participating in making a difference at Take Flyte.

August’s donation went to Thistle Farms.

If you have a charity that's near and dear to your heart, please let me know so we can donate to it in future months.