art of intuitive photography: a creative and meditative approach to photography 

It all started when...

Our hugely successful Art of Intuitive Photography book was published. We started getting inquiries from around the globe asking if there was an online course. Et voila!

Course overview

Do you dream of capturing more creative, intriguing, inspiring, or heartfelt images? Mindy Véissid, an award winning photographer and creator of Art of Intuitive Photography, will take you on a step by step journey in this 4 week online course that will leave you feeling more empowered, passionate and connected with your imagery.

Course features

Explore your creativity - exercises are given at the end of every week to help you tune in to your intuition, to see better, to become more connected with yourself and your images

Join a community of like minded souls - engage with an active community as you share your photos and your experiences from the exercises. You will meet fellow photographers from around the globe. Who knows, maybe you'll even meet them one day along your travels!

For all levels and all cameras - this is not a technical course so any camera will do - you can even use your smartphone!

Audio lessons - for those who learn better listening, all content is recorded on audio clips that can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone. Content is also written if you prefer to read

Self-paced course - you can take as long as you want - there's no timeframe of when you need to submit images

Lifetime access - the content never expires so you can always go back and do the lessons again

Open enrollment - you can sign up at any time!

Course Outline

Week 1 - intuition and intuitive photography

Week 2 - looking vs observing vs seeing

Week 3 - photo composition

Week 4 - photo editing

Bonus material - extra intuitive and seeing exercises will be given to keep you practicing what you learned.

In participating in this course, you will be eligible to participate in our summer gallery show!

Course Price - $99

This course is a gift for photography enthusiasts.  The easy listening, easy to follow, leisurely lessons encourage me to pursue my personal artfulness and awareness so I can create my own photographic and creative vision.  The course is fun and unique.  I feel energized, confident and impassioned from your gracious style, kindness, encouragement, wisdom, & instruction! Thank you Mindy!
— Sheree

Meet the teacher

Mindy Véissid is the creator of Art of Intuitive Photography. Her approach to photography focuses on using intuition, vulnerability and trust to show a deeper sense of who she is and what she sees. Mindy's personal bio and website can be viewed here.

This is everything, because it is how I feel all the time - I photograph with my heart and my soul. I am sooo incredibly inspired by Mindy’s story. Finally a teacher that I can understand, because she gets it!!!
— Arlene
Take the photo for yourself before you take it for others” I have grappled with feeling selfish about photography. Spending time away from friends and family so that I can go out with my camera. Thank you for confirming that photographing is selfish and normal.
— Lakesh