The class was incredible. Mindy is extremely knowledgeable and her teaching style made it easy for anyone to follow. I have a greater understanding of my camera and how to correct nuances. Looking forward to taking another.
— Maliek

creator and lead teacher of aoip

mindy véissid, an award winning photographer and native new yorker, grew up surrounded by lights, shadow and movement. her photos reflect not only this, but also incorporate her creative background in painting and writing by use of metaphor, texture and composition. 

mindy has been called an "intuitive photographer," in that she shoots from her heart, capturing candid, true and fleeting moments. in her digital photography workshops the 'art of intuitive photography', she helps other photographers discover - and - follow their own intuition. mindy has taught the 'art of intuitive photography' in institutions such as the new york open center in new york city, and the viewfinder center in zurich, switzerland. mindy has also presented at the B&H Event space, and has been on NBC TV's Wednesday's Child, and written about in BBC Capital

before becoming an international fine art photographer in 2009, mindy worked in the corporate world and lived in luxembourg and did her MBA and worked in switzerland. 

in 2016 mindy published her photography book 'Art of Intuitive Photography'.

view mindy veissid speaking about her approach to photography in this B&H Event Space presentation.

associate teachers

The Art of Intuitive Photography takes on a different platform when it comes to learning the craft. It isn’t so much about f-stops and ISOs. It’s more about what “intuitively” do you want to photograph. The class is perfect for beginners or experts who want to do something more engaging, interactive, and outside of a four-walled classroom. And it won’t matter if you use your high-end camera or just your cell phone. It’s time well spent and the lessons learned will last you a lifetime.
— Rebecca

sepia prince (ne adam caleb), a resident of northeast pennsylvania, combines his camera skills with the conscientious, and contemplative nature of an empath to create photos that evoke thought in the viewer. the name is a combination of his enthusiasm for personal sovereignty, ancestry, and photography. he creates monochrome pictures and explores ideas through the styles of portraiture, documentary photography and conceptual photography. visit sepia's images here.


for michele yacovello, photography is a creative outlet. after leaving a Wall Street career she wanted to do something completely different - and this seems to be the polar opposite. she took her first photography class in 2008 and has never looked back. her favorite quote by Ansel Adams perfectly captures her intention: "You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” Michele's other interests are travel, live music, Broadway theatre and the NY Yankees. 


dan lloyd's interest in photography began in the late 1980’s when his father gave him a soviet-era zenit camera. despite getting a D in a high school photography class, he has fond memories of developing black and white film and prints, and he still occasionally gets nostalgic and shoots a roll of film. although a lifelong photographer, it wasn’t until recently that he started taking an artistic approach to photography, developing his eye for abstract images, shapes, lines and layers.  when not spending too much money on fuji cameras, you will find him spending too much money on audio equipment, running and writing software. you can see examples of his work on his flickr page.