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Mindy Véissid's book Art of Intuitive Photography is hot off the press! Mindy will discuss her life path which lead her to become a photographer and creator of her Art of Intuitive Photography classes. Her book guides the reader to pay attention to feelings, be mindful of the present moment, and experience rather than do photography.

Photography is often expected to be thought based and technically perfect. Art of Intuitive Photography is the opposite. Written for beginners and pros alike, this book guides the reader to pay attention to feelings, be mindful of the present moment, and experience rather than do photography. 

  • For any camera user - even smartphones!
  • Specific tools and exercises are given to guide you to tap into your intuition
  • Beneficial for adults and children
  • An alternate form of meditation
  • Enjoy a variety of photos from Mindy, associate teachers, and students showcasing examples of being in an intuitive moment
Intuition is a good thing to listen to in art. Call it good vibrations or muscle testing. It can be a good way to measure whether something serves your core. To see with an eye that is open to a new point of view is a gift. Mindy Véissid has such an eye.
— Ted Quinn, Musician/Writer

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The Art of Intuitive Photography handbook is a crucial study on a seldom discussed aspect of photography that relies not on the technical, but on the part of creative self that resides deeply in our subconscious. Using example, exercise and personal exploration Mindy Véissid simply and concisely unlocks thought processes that allow the seeker to see with a purity of action. Part self help and part transformational, the book lends itself to those who wish to explore the uncharted aspect of soulful image making. Following Mindy’s lead will dispel “photographer’s picture block” and help invigorate one to reach inside and pull out compelling images that resonate in a satisfying manner. Art of Intuitive Photography is a much needed lexicon that will enrich the medium of photography and find its way to a cherished place in the photographer’s library.
— David Brommer, Director of Events B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

book reviews

"Art of Intuitive Photography finds itself alone among the many books I've read about photography. The author shares her view of a unique approach to making images. Her idea of reaching inside our minds and hearts allows us to point our cameras to where they will create photos that truly come from our inner selves. As a psychotherapist and photographer I am really pleased to come across this unique, wonderful text. Mindy shares personal experiences which help the reader to understand how this approach can work. She provides many photos taken by her students, accompanied by their statements which help to illustrate her ideas." - Alan Holzman, Ph.D.

"Luckily for those who have not experienced Mindy's teachings in person, you can hear and feel her soul in this book. This book will allow me to revisit the lessons I've learned in Mindy's classes time and time again! She puts her heart into her work and her classes, genuinely helping others find their way in the world of photography. This book is not just for "creatives" or well-trained photographers - it is for anyone who has an interest in connecting with themselves and the world, and expressing that connection through the art of (intuitive) photography." - Jacqueline Cox

Art of Intuitive Photography is a wonderful guide for learning to trust your intuition and making photographs from your heart. This book will help you take the leap from generic photos to images that spring from imagination and personal experience with courage and grace.
— Douglas Beasley, Fine Art Photographer and Founder/Director, Vision Quest Photo Workshops