photography camp,  classes, workshops and private lessons

This was truly the perfect introduction to photography for our 11 year old daughter. In a one hour private lesson, without getting into technical elements that would have over-complicated things, she understood lighting, colors, the rule of 1/3 and composition. From there, she was able to really look around her and find interesting subjects at every corner and tree.
— Pauline

photography class options

private lessons: private lessons are $150 per hour and are structured around the requests/needs/wants of the child. any digital camera can be used (point and shoot cameras are fine). The session can be scheduled based on your availability and we can meet in a location of your choosing. we teach after school too! semi private lessons are $125 per hr/per child. please contact us to schedule a session. 

children/teen workshops: our workshop is 1 day long but can be extended. the purpose of this workshop is geared towards the student getting knowledgable about their cameras and photography, and learning how to capture enticing photographs as we go explore NYC together. all photography levels welcome. the workshop is from 10:00am - 3:00pm, and is $250 per child. drop off and pick up is on the upper west side. maximum group size is 8 students. please contact us to schedule a session.

photography camp: camp is 5 days long and consists of learning how to use the camera, exploring NYC, and post production work. maximum group size is 8 students. our camp is divided into 2 age groups: 9-12 and 13-18. Camp is from 10:00am - 3:00pm and is $1050 per child for the week. drop off and pick up is on the upper west side. you can book and pay the deposit directly on our schedule page. child is expected to bring a camera with manual mode. if you don't have a camera, you can rent a camera from us for $150 for the week.

online course - teens can participate in our online 4 week course. Any camera can be used for this course (even smartphone cameras). More info here.

*Children/Teens can also participate in our Adult group classes.*

birthday parties

we teach smartphone classes at birthday parties! every child is expected to have their own smartphone. we will explore the area the party is held in, and teach how to take more creative and interesting photos. Price is $80 per student per hr. 

camp reviews

My 15 year old daughter took Mindy’s week-long camp and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. The teens met at her place and from there made excursions around NYC that I I would never have taken her on in a million years — but the trips were so cool and quintessentially NY that my daughter came out of the class talking about how much she enjoyed seeing the city. But on a technical side, Mindy only allowed the kids to to use manual mode and taught them how to use aperture and shutter speed on their cameras. Mindy is an excellent teacher and has designed a really great camp for her students.
— Lillie T
This class was so much fun. I wanted to do a photography class this week and was lucky enough to have found this awesome class. The trips we went on could not have been better thought out. I was happy to meet awesome kids around my age who also share a passion for photography.
— Owen, age 15
We had been looking for a good, one-week class that would really encourage our son to explore his growing passion for photography. This was everything we wanted...and probably more. Thanks.
— Susan & Stuart
This was my first photography class. I used to consider myself pretty advanced in photography, I’ve had my camera for a year and carried it with me every where I went. I was tentative to even sign up for an actual photography class, because I really thought there was nothing else to learn. But, I had nothing else to do for the summer and signed up for Mindy’s class. In the first 10 minutes, I realized how inexperienced I was. In this week, I learned so much. The overall outcome of my pictures drastically improved. I had such a great time. Mindy’s teaching style is fantastic, it’s so informative, yet really fun. I would definitely recommend this to every beginning, intermediate, or advanced photographer; the kids in my class all had different levels of experience, but we each learned (a lot) individually. I met so many amazing people and had so much fun!!!!!
— Emily, Age 14