student images

we hold an annual gallery show of images from students who have taken one of our intuitive photography classes.

The 2019 winners are: 

aileen galazin, blake gregory, carl hutton, david beaconsfield, denise kofkoff, eliza miller (age 13), elizabeth martin, gene nyitray, graham trelstad, hanako ohta (age 10), jeffrey friedkin, jessica lane, joyce kolyer, julia kaufman (age 15), karen robinson, karen h.r. scott, livia amirante (age 13), margaret hess, mary ann ortiz, matt ball, matthew davies, michael nold, mike bergstein, natalia peters, owen seidenberg, penny shapiro (age 14), pico garcez, priscilla phan, rhona hetsrony, samantha peller, sandra grimmer, sarah craven (age 11), sarah danzig, sheree sanborn, stephanie lackey, sumita lacey (age 14), valencia kuykendall, vidhi parikh, wildalys class

Please click the photo to enlarge, All photos are for sale. If interested in purchasing, please contact the student directly.

The 2018 winners were: 

Aileen Galazin, Aneez Nabi, Annie Lawver,  Deborah Gray, Dylan Miller, Eileen Busby, Eliza Miller, Elizabeth Martin, Erin Hunt, Genevieve David, Jackie Lee, Joseph Sgalardi, Joyce Kolyer, Laura Campbell,  Leigh Banner, Luca Morandi, Lucy Kennedy, Margaret Hess, Mary Ann Ortiz, Matt Ball, Natalia Peters, Ovini Sinclaire, Owen Seidenberg, Paul Roy, Pico Garcez,  Samantha Peller, Sandra Grimmer, Scarlett McNally, Sheree Sanborn, Stephanie Wade, Sylvie Banner, Trey Hoffmann


what does intuitive photography mean to you?

“Magic happens when I get in the zone where all distractions around me stops and then I set the intention that something visually exciting is going to show up.” - Marie Hickman

“Open your eyes; open your heart. Shoot.” - Carol Tanenbaum

 “To discover the wonder in shapes, light, shadows. To see it, feel it, capture it. This is the magic of intuitive photography, my visual poetry.”- Axel Santiago

“Intuitive photography has given me a fresh perspective to be creative with more latitude and breadth and to feel more natural and confident with the camera as I develop my own spirit of photographic adventure with moxie, freedom, zest and vitality.”- Sheree Sanborn

“Intuitive photography has taught me to be much more aware of what is around me. I now see photos that almost jump up at me and say ‘take me’ and this has expanded my photo taking to a new level.”- Michael Bergstein

“Intuitive photography is an observation point of my own photographic process, making me pay attention to what I am doing.”- Pico Garcez

 “What  does intuitive photography mean to me? It’s about quieting the mind; it’s about abandoning all technical rules and camera jargon for just a moment, long enough to see the story in your subject.”- Anthony Heywood

“Intuitive photography is about capturing that moment in time when something makes you pause, even the most fleeting thought, and simply snapping a picture without over-analyzing it.”- Michele Magazine 

“Intuitive Photography is entering a moment, having your heart captured, your imagination ignited, and your soul stirred  - inviting the viewer to enter that singular moment.” - Connie Vasquez

“Intuitive Photography is putting the conscious mind in the passenger seat and letting the subconscious take over.”- John Dryzga

“Intuitive Photography = (A Simple Camera + No Expectations + Childlike Wonder) x Time” - Dan Lloyd

“Intuitive photography is finding the beauty in what most pass by without notice.”- Glenn Amico 

  “Intuitive photography is capturing a moment. It’s a slice of time that causes the mind to craft a story or invoke an emotion to make it relatable, even if the reality isn’t known.”- CK Lowry

“Intuitive photography is showing me how to better know myself through my photographs.” - Celine Richardson

 “To  shoot intuitively, you need to lose yourself in your surroundings, use all of your senses at once and trust your instincts.”- Erica Palmieri

 “Intuitive photography: capturing what speaks to me."      - Stephanie Pera

 “To me, intuitive photography means being captivated by something around you, and wanting to share that feeling with others. It is opening up to the world, by looking within yourself. It is the feeling of being connected to something, even if you’re not sure how or why." - AnnaMarie Pacura